Slidely is the fastest way to format your presentations

With an ai powered add-in, Slidely offers a one-click solution to make your presentations beautiful and corporate-ready

Slidely is the ultimate PowerPoint add-in for instant slide makeovers

Slidely is a PowerPoint plugin that automatically formats the presentations you make.

Make your slides beautiful like its Magic

With our AI-powered recommendations engine, transform your slides to look visually pleasing with a single click







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Unlike any PowerPoint add-in you have used before

Engineered to maximize productivity when formatting presentations, Slidely combines AI with world-class UX

Format slide in one-click

Revamp your boring slides with the ai powered recommendations engine in a few seconds

Search for the best templates

Search across the library of millions of templates to get results tuned to your requirements

One command bar to rule them all

Open the command bar to access the PowerPoint functions and 100+ Slidely utilities using CTRL+K

Re-use your previous slides

anonymize and save your PPTs to re-use them as templates later on

Corporate icons and infographics

Slidely comes packed with thousands of icons and infographics suitable for the corporate setting

Proofread your slides easily

Don't ever bother about inconsistencies and minor mistakes. Slidely fixes them all with a single click

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